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Mr Towbar says providing excellent customer service is our norm!!

Recently at Canberra Towbar Fitters we installed a towbar for a customer who has a VF Holden Commodore SSV Wagon. A very nice vehicle indeed and a customer who had great pride in his vehicle. After the fitment we received an email from the customer who was very happy with the pride our installer took in fitting the towbar. We regularly receive positive reviews and feedback from our customers but we do not usually post them. However we felt that this feedback would assist our future customers in having confidence in both the customer service and quality of workmanship they will receive when engaging Canberra Towbar Fitters as their towbar supplier and fitter.

"I just thought I'd pass on some quality work performed. The tow bar fitter I chose to do the work on the SSV was awesome. His attention to detail, thinking of how to deliver the best results for function and looks shows his experience around owners with high standards. He took care of any components whilst removed  and used quality factory wire looms and quality accessories such as D shackles, tow bar tube cover. It was refreshing to work with Ben who understands and knows how to work with people with high standards. I could tell he's done work on high end vehicles with the care taken while working on or around the SSV."

Mr Towbar interesting thing happened today

Mr Towbar encountered a customer today who had bent the tongue of his towbar down. Interestingly it was not from any towing application but from overloading the download rating of the towbar. What is the download rating I hear you asking??? Good question. Towbars have 2 ratings, a towing capacity and the capacity that they can handle in static weight. We refer to the static weight as ball weight or download weight.

The ball weight is important when considering purchasing a caravan, camper trailer, bike carrier or just putting alot of weight on the drawbar of what you are towing. Towbars are given a static weight or a rating for what the ball can be loaded. Think of it like this, if your towbar has a ball weight of 70kgs and you put a bike carrier on with bikes that weighed in total 100kgs you would be putting too large a load on the towbar. What can result?

Well like the customer Mr Towbar encountered today you may actually start twisting and bending the towbar toward the ground.

For this reason Mr Towbar says...always make sure you are getting the right towbar for your needs, match the towbar to what you want to do. The towbar should be able to carry the bike rack you want and tow the trailer you wish too.

Cheers and safe towing.



Mr Towbar says...Get an easy fit bike rack today!

Forget the spanner and tools for putting on your bike rack, talk to us about a Thule Express bike rack. It fits 2 bikes and is quick to mount on your towball and just as easy to take off and fold away.

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